My First Ever Make Up Haul + Review

Since its 2011 already, I decided to take my make-up blog a notch higher. So to start this year off, I'd like to share to you guys some...

Since its 2011 already, I decided to take my make-up blog a notch higher. So to start this year off, I'd like to share to you guys some stuff that I'm currently obsessed with and of course show you some products that I recently purchased :) These was actually bought 2 weeks ago, but I intentionally delayed the upload to test out the products so that I can make a review on them too along with the haul :) So this will basically be a haul and a review at the same time. Enjoy, girlies! :)

1. Elf Blush in Tickled Pink

I bought this because the color (tickled pink) is very similar to my favorite blush which is from Body Shop (forgot the shade, sorry). I really looked for a temporary alternative to my Body Shop blush because it's running out already and I can't afford to repurchase it now because it's not very affordable. haha. for me though... So anyway, I saw this elf blush that has the closest color to my previous blush, and is also very affordable. The packaging is also really nice (very similar to Nars Blushes) which also one factor that tempted me to buy this. :)

So quality wise, I'm gonna have to give this blush a 2.5 out of 5. Well, I don't know if it's just the shade I chose or whatever, but the color that I got is not so vibrant, I have to swipe several times on my cheeks for it to show up. I don't think I'll repurchase :/

2. Wet 'n Wild's White Eyeliner

The best white eyeliner I've tried so far :) Sticks very well on my waterline and tear-ducts.. And the best part: It only costs Php99.75 :) I'll definitely repurchase.. but I'll try first Nyx's Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk, I heard it works well too :)

3. Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black

All those stuff indicated on the box are indeed true!
  • Quick dry
  • Intense color
  • lasts all day
  • Smudge Proof
  • Water Proof
It comes with a small eyeliner brush which is actually really good! The packaging is also really really nice. I love everything about it except for one thing: It's a bit pricey. It's no biggie though, It's okay to invest on gel eyeliners because It will really last you a long time (a little goes a long way) and It's not something that can be compromised.

4. Maybelline's Volume Express Hypercurl

I bought this mascara at a 30% off price, from Php250 to Php200! :) My favorite mascara which is Covergirl's lash blast is also running out already so I immediately picked this up when I saw this on sale :)
Quality wise, this mascara is not bad for a price of 200! It does lengthen and curl my lashes really good and It's also water proof and smudge proof :) This mascara is perfect for everyday use because It does not feel heavy on the lashes :) I'll give this mascara a 4 out of 5. I only gave 4 because Covergirl's lash blast is still my favorite :)

5. Everbilena's Matte Lipsticks
I've been really obsessed with lipsticks lately especially with Everbilena's Matte Lipsticks! Why? Simple: Cheap and REALLY GOOD. I know It's not the best lipstick in the world but hey, It works for me and I love it! It has a good range of colors and the staying power is amazing for a Php125 lipstick! I currently have 6 shades from Eb's Matte lipstick . I also have their Off Beat Pink, Love that Red, and Pink Flame which are also wonderful shades.

Here's the swatch:
(left: Skin, Middle: Mauvey, Right: Toast of New York)
  • Skin- A nude shade perfect for dark eye make-up look like smokey, etc.
  • Mauvey- It's kind of like a pinkish nude shade :)
  • A Toast of New York- Perfect for the holidays! It gives your face a warm glow :) If you want that red-but-not-too-red lips, this one's perfect.
These lipsticks are definitely a bang for your buck! Really worth buying :)
TIP: To prevent drying (since this is a matte lipstick), prep your lips first by swiping some lip balm before applying. This will also allow the lipstick to glide smoothly :) I recommend applying Chapstick in particular to prevent chapping and darkening of lips (duh. haha)

Now for non make-up products:

Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

Pond's has been really close to my heart ever since and I must say that this is another great product from them. When I first saw this on Tv I immediately went out to try this and it has never failed me since. No breakouts! :)

Maybelline Make Up Remover

This make up remover serves its purpose well. It doesn't irritate my eyes unlike other make up removers. It's gentle to the skin so I guess it's safe to say that this can be used by people who have sensitive skin. It can remove eye and lip make up easily but when it comes to waterproof mascaras, you have to swipe several times before it comes off. But nevertheless, it works well :)

WWW Make up Kit

I had to buy a new make up kit because my old kit looks really poor now. haha! It has become really dirty now because of overusage :)) And I'm too lazy to clean it because I have to wash it! So I looked for a cosmetic bag and this gorgeous pink kit caught my attention. What I like most about it is the plastic that covers the kit inside and out. Very easy to clean! Plus, it's PINK!!!!! :D



Bonjour False Eyelashes

I've been searching for some cheap false eyelashes in 10s and I luckily came across these lovely lashes in ebay. I think the seller from which I bought these lashes is the only one selling this kind here in the Philippines. I found some of these kinds though in ebay, but they were sold internationaly and you have to pay it through paypal and have it shipped all the way from hongkong. So I was lucky enough to have found miss chrsztrins' shop in ebay.

This one costs Php250 as far as I can remember. It amounts to Php25 per pair. VERY CHEAP. One thing I don't like about this is that the lashes are too long, if your aiming for a natural looking lashes, this one's not for you. But it's manageable though, I trim mine before I wear it.

Darkness False Eyelashes

This I bought at ATC (Alabang Town Center) and it costs Php130. This one may look too much but it's actually not :) I can totally wear this on a regular school day. It doesn't look natural, but it doesn't look too much as well. It's kind of like in the middle. I love this! Currently my favorite :)

?? Eyelashes

I don't know what the brand is but I bought this at the same store where I bought the Darkness lashes. I haven't tried this one though but it looks natural :) This one costs Php100. 

So there you have it! Thank you so much for taking time reading this very long post (my apologies :p). I haven't blogged in a while so I hope you can forgive me for that :) I didn't post this to brag about the stuff I bought but instead to show you so you guys could have an idea on the products before buying. I myself enjoy reading hauls and reviews so I hope you guys enjoyed my post as well :)

*Reviews are based on my honest opinion.
*We have different skin types and/or preferences, so products that worked for me may not work for you.

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  1. first, thanks for following, i followed you back. :)
    the ever bilena looks promising, might try one and get one too...the mascara is good...i use it almost everyday! it is smudge proof! its just a little down on the volumnizing part...
    Oh, and I love your lashes! but somehow i dont know how to put one...but that would be my challenge for the year! wish me luck!

  2. Hi Debi! Thank you so much for following! :)
    Putting on falsies is not that hard! Maybe at first try :p But you'll get used to it! Its fun experimenting though :) Good luck on that! Blog your first falsies experience! I would love to see that :) Anyways thanks for commenting!!! :D

  3. Awesome Haul! Nice picks too!
    I've never tried any Everbilena lipstick, might try one of those. I have an elf blush in "glow" which I use everyday and I love it. I have that very same Maybelline Mascara and Makeup Remover, Love them both! I have a set of Elf falsies but I just can't figure out how to use Can you suggest a falsies glue I could get?

  4. Nice haul :) I agree with you about the packaging of Elf blush. I havent tried any products from Everbilena but those lippies are pretty good.

  5. @Hollie, Yup! Everbilena's lipsticks are a must try! About putting on falsies, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube, you should check that out :) also I heard DUO's glue are really good and they're very popular as well, but quite expensive for me.. I'm using hortaleza's lash glue.. its very cheap and it works really well :)

  6. @Nadine, you should try some! it wouldnt hurt in your wallet though cause its soooo cheap :p

  7. oh,, we got the same exact darkness eyelashes... maybe from the same shop din,, hehe,, atc! ^^ do u live nearby alabang ba?

  8. Maybelline Make Up Remover - I think you're right when it comes to waterproof mascaras >.< But I think it's because the waterproof mascaras are just really stubborn :P

  9. Thanks, I like this post it is very good and informative. I am sure that this post will be very helpful Television Makeup Artist Sydney

  10. those eyelashes in 10's can be bought in divisoria for only 100pesos. :) nice haul!