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A few weeks ago, I went to the Phil-Cosmetic Expo 2011 at SM Megamall. It was my first time to attend a cosmetic expo so I kinda expect...

A few weeks ago, I went to the Phil-Cosmetic Expo 2011 at SM Megamall. It was my first time to attend a cosmetic expo so I kinda expected it to be as huge as the cosmetology event that was held at SMX last year. Unfortunately, this one wasn't what I expected it to be. Regardless, I still had fun during the event cause I came with my friend, Char. (She also blogged about her purchases during the event. You can check it out here.) We had a lot of fun even though the event kind of sucked. Lol! 

Of course, I have a little haul for you guys! I just picked out a few stuff. I hope you like it! 

When I say "few stuff" I really meant "few stuff"! Lol

The first booth that brightened up my day was the booth of Digital Traincase. It was quite a hassle to go there and pick up some stuff because the booth was really crowded. We actually waited for some of the customers to finish so we can have our turn to shop. Haha.

I'm always tempted to buy lipsticks online but at the same time hesitant since I'm quite skeptical about how the shades really look in real life. I don't want to risk buying something that I am not sure of, especially in lipsticks. Good thing Digital Traincase was present with a tester of everything they sell. I decided to get two round lipsticks from Nyx. Char and I went gaga over lipstick swatching.. and I'm guessing everyone else. Haha! After countless shade-swatching, I finally decided to get the shades, Frappucino and Tea Rose.

The small thing on the left was a freebie. A Nyx pigment. I love it! Thanks a bunch to Digital Traincase! :)

I love love love the shades that I got except for the fact that I find these lippies too pigmented.... not in a good way. They're way too soft and melt like crazy. I store these inside a freezer when I'm not using it.

Tea Rose is the shade on the top while Frappucino is the shade below

This is how Frappucino looks on me. It is a very natural shade. Perfect to wear on a daily basis. It kinda looks like your "natural-lip-but-better-color" lipstick. I love it so much! I still don't have a photo of me wearing the Tea Rose to show you guys but I guarantee it's also a gorgeous shade. I will definitely be updating this.

The last thing I got was this Finesse Hairspray from the Finesse Booth that I got for P 270.00. It came with a free makeup kit. I am actually in a hunt for a good hairspray to hold my curls. I haven't tried this yet. Lol I know it's been stuck on my dresser for a few weeks now.. Finals really bombarded my life with stress, leaving me no occasions to curl my hair or even dress up! I'm really happy that finals are finally over!

Anyway, I'm going to create a separate review on this hairspray when I get the chance to test drive this baby.

I really wish it was an "EXTRA HOLD HAIRSPRAY" :))
The freebie it came with..

The makeup kit looks like this. I actually love it :) I use this when I need to bring some of my makeup with me when I am in a hurry and have to do my makeup at school in my car. Haha. I am always in a hurry so this kit came in really handy for me.

So that's it ladies! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, let me know. I'd be more than happy to be of help :)

How about you? Did you visit the Expo as well? What did you get? Please share it with me.. Feel free to comment or post a link of your haul on the comments section :) Thanks for reading!! :)
- dianejanica

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  1. wow cant wait for the review..i really want to try those too :)

  2. lovely lippies!!!

  3. Oh I wasn't able to attend the expo but I was around during that time! XD Love the shades you bought ^_^ I'm waiting for mine to arrive :D

  4. I like the freebies of finesse you can put make-up brush. Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  5. You are so pretty! You kinda look like Sam Pinto in the photo. I have a question though, which may be a little off topic, lol, but what software or app do you use to watermark your photos? I like it. I use but I think its too complicated. Could you share your secret? thanks ^_^ (if you could, please post you response on any of my posts so that I could read it) thank you :)

  6. wow! you're really pretty! and have a really cool blog! follower here!


  7. Love your hauls!!! They're really hyped up products specially the NYX lipsticks. they're adorable. :D

    PS> Join my giveaway. :D


  8. Loveed your hair!!!

    Request: follow up review on how Finesse is working on a humid weather like the Philippines, perhaps? ;)