Earlier this morning, I woke up crying because of a very bad dream. The scariest dream I've had this week.. I went downstairs and talked...

Earlier this morning, I woke up crying because of a very bad dream. The scariest dream I've had this week.. I went downstairs and talked to my mom about it. After feeling okay, I went upstairs again to my room and slept.. I woke up a few hours later.. ate my breakfast, opened my laptop, checked my YT account and the next thing I know, I was screaming my lungs out!


Christina announcing the winner and the 5 shoutouts :) She's so cute!! Especially when she pronounced my username! So adorable :)

Christina's message! This is the first thing I saw that made me scream :)))))

My video now on her channel :) Weee :)

I still can't believe this. I will not go to school today just to fully absorb it. (hihihihi)

This was my first make up tutorial! This was also my first time winning something on YouTube! I always enter contests whenever I have the chance but now, I am just so happy! :) I remember seeing Pyonghwaa's contest 2 weeks ago.. I told myself "I always wanted to try Japanese Gyaru Makeup, now is the time to give it a try.. Testing lang." All for the sake of trying out the look and finally uploading my own tutorial on YouTube.

I was always a fan of beauty gurus on YT. There's Michelle Phan, MissChievous, JLovesMac and all the other popular gurus. But honestly, the gurus who inspire me the most aren't the popular ones with millions of subscribers but rather the Filipina gurus like Say Artillero, COLORismyweapon, maricarljanah, pinkiericegurl, thebestsoylatteandme, Asianbeautyx89 etc. :) I really like how they use and support local cosmetic brands and drugstore products.They were my inspiration. :)

It was because of them that I told myself "There's nothing to lose. If I win, then great, my video will be up in Pyonghwaa's makeup channel for a week (more exposure means more subscribers) not to mention the pair of circle lenses. But if I don't win, I still get to record that makeup tutorial I've been wanting to do for a long time now!" Win-win.

This is so awesome and unbelievably true! Thank you sooo much, Christina! :)

I would like to take time to thank everyone who supported me in my first ever makeup tutorial! I think all these happened because of you guys :) I would also like to thank my fellow Pinay gurus who encouraged me to make videos even before this contest! I guess this is just the beginning.. I haven't achieved anything yet but I want to remember this day to serve as an inspiration to keep doing what I love and also to serve as a reminder to always keep my feet on the ground. :)

I guess this is it for now, expect more makeup tutorials from me! This is for you guys! Love yah :) :*


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  1. congratulations! you should really make more videos.


  2. Wow! Congratulations girl! you totally deserve it!

  3. congrats dear..told you you're so good at it...
    are we expecting more videos from you? ^_^

  4. congrats dear! you did a great job :) hope to see more vids of you

  5. I knew it! ;) You're gonna go a long way!!!!

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  7. Congrats! :)