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"Just when you think you've seen it all, here is LuLu Makeup, the real makeup, that will give you reasons to smile and shine....

"Just when you think you've seen it all, here is LuLu Makeup, the real makeup, that will give you reasons to smile and shine. It's the easiest and trendiest ready-to-wear makeup" 

Lulu Makeup is the latest makeup line in the Metro that can bring out the much needed confidence and style in all women. Owned by the beautiful Lu sisters Charlene, Justine, and Dane who all belong in a different age group, they share the same belief that all women can wear makeup. Thus, "Lulu Makeup" was born.

When I was contacted to be one of the partners for Lulu, I wasn't able to refuse. For a newcomer like me who just started out blogging/vlogging, to be asked to partner for a makeup line during my early stages was very overwhelming. Charlene Lu-Tan, blogger, make-up artist, owner of ShopSui and Skin Hour contacted me about the partnership. Her approach was really friendly, formal but at the same time very straight to the point which convinced me and really left me with no other option but to say yes. :) 

We discussed all the details regarding the partnership. I then found out that they actually chose three vloggers to partner with. I was super hyped when I found out that Say Tioco Artillero and Emafe Rice (PinkieRiceGurl) were the two other vloggers! Among all the other popular gurus in YouTube, why me? All I had was one video and a few blog entries. I later found out that she had belief in my potential. And for that, I am grateful. :)

Here are some pictures during our first meet:

With Char and Say at Mexicali. I finally met them :)
I was actually kinda nervous when I first entered the restaurant but I actually warmed up to them pretty fast because of their personality. Both of them were very pretty and had pretty personalities to go with it. :)

Meeting Say in person was an exciting experience since I got used to watching her online. :)
Say was just as pretty in person as she was in her pictures and videos :)
I am super happy to have finally met Say and Char! I feel really blessed because not only did I become a partner of something that I love but I also met new friends with whom I share the same interests with. Working with them will definitely be a fun experience :)

Things to look out for:

Morocco Palette by Lulu Makeup

Skin Hour's Prima Set

Don't miss Lulu Makeup's introductory price! For their complete product line up, visit:

For other inquiries, contact:
0922-8242758 / 0927-2753927

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