Review: James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation

Two weeks ago, I went to the mall to look for a foundation good for photo shoots. Meaning, something with no SPFs but with bu...

Two weeks ago, I went to the mall to look for a foundation good for photo shoots. Meaning, something with no SPFs but with buildable coverage. I then remembered my sister, Pauline, who just had her graduation photoshoot. I remember her coming home from her grad picture taking with a very flawless face. She raved about the foundation that the makeup artist used on her - James Cooper Jazzy Collection's Cream Foundation. I've been checking out James Copper's counter ever since I heard about this but I never thought about buying it because I found it to be too pricey.. I've also read some reviews about this saying that the coverage is really amazing but (the big BUT) - you have to touch up once in a while because your face will tend to get oily afterwards. I have oily skin so I'm always confused whether to buy it or not. Sooooo anyway, I finally decided to get it for a photo shoot that I was going to cover. Now for the review...

the packaging.
There's no product info on the packaging, nor in the web because they don't have a website. Only the ingredients are shown.

Costs Php550.00 for 20g. Not bad.

I got two shades: 04 and 05. 04 is much lighter than 05, although it looks the same in the picture. Can you see the oil? It freaked me out the first time I saw it. Haha

See the big difference between the two? 04 is a lighter color with a pinkish tone while 05 is a darker yellowish tone.

I used this foundation on my clients and it turned out great! I just had to mix and mix and mix to get the right color for them. I used a spatula and a fiber glass palette to mix the color for hygienic purposes. Here's a photo of Mariel's (one of my clients) before and after look using James Cooper's Cream Foundation:

I don't know if this is the perfect example to show how good the foundation's coverage is because obviously, from the before pic, her skin is really clear. She has a few breakouts but her skin is still clear. I hope I was still able to give justice to James Cooper's foundation. It really gives a flawless finish. It's also perfect for photo shoots since it doesn't have any trace of SPFs. It is also very buildable.

One more thing that I really like about this foundation is that you can double it up as a concealer. That's how great the coverage is. :)

I tried this on myself but sadly neither of these two matched my skin tone because both of these have a pinkish tone to it. I am as yellow as Maybelline's Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural Beige. (I am very particular with my foundation matching my neck) I tried to mix the two to achieve my color but I still didn't get my shade. But cause I'm acidic, it started to blend with my skin tone after a few hours.

At first I thought I would do constant touch ups because of my oily face, but I didn't! I touched up only once throughout the day! It wasn't humid that day though. It was rainy.. I have yet to try this on a hot day. *fingers crossed*

This is a picture of me when I used the foundation. I like the coverage but it seemed too heavy for me.. I don't really need that much coverage. It's perfect for photo shoots, night outs and for special events but I wouldn't recommend this for daily use.

*I mixed this with a primer. I only used a tiny tiny bit for my entire face.

Now for the summary.. Let me give the pros and cons of this product.

- medium to heavy coverage
- very buildable
- does not cake
- can double up as a concealer
- does not contribute to my oiliness
- perfect for photo shoots
- flawless finish
- 20g (can last you a long time)

- a bit pricey
- did not match my skin tone :(
- unhygienic (needs a spatula and palette to pick up and mix)


What's your favorite foundation? Have you tried this one yet? Tell me what you think about it! :) 

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  1. honestly, i also dont buy james cooper cosmetics, cause i find it a bit pricey, but considering it has 20g naman pala. maybe it's sulit na talaga noh.. hmmmm.. have to swatch next time i visit its counter.

  2. i haven't tried it yet...maybe when I get back to the Philippines...

  3. I only saw one James Cooper Counter here in Cebu and I find their products to be pricey so I skipped it... Thanks for this awesome review. will definitely check it out again..hehe

  4. Where in Manila can I find James Cooper cosmetics? I became so interested because of this and Say Artillero's recent haul. :)

  5. thank you for the review, i need a good foundation and this looks good :)

  6. You look pretty with or without makeup! :)

  7. What is the best way to apply it?

  8. Great review, thank you so much for posting this. You have a wonderful blog! I will definitly return to read more of your posts and I wish you all the luck in the world with it!

    All the best,

  9. Finally, someone made a detailed review of this foundation. Seeing the ingredients, it doesn't have any that will disperse light. I would assume it will be good for photography, yey!

    And it doesn't have any ingredient that has a high probability of turning orange.

    Thanks for the review :)

  10. @Hollie, super sulit sya so okay lang kahit mejo pricey :)

    @Debi, thanks for reading! :)

    @Belle, yep it's super sulit. And you only need a tiny bit for your entire face! It can also be used as concealer kasi sobrang creamy talaga sya :) thanks for reading!! :)

    @Micmic, James Cooper is available in almost all SM Department Store or Watson's. :)

    @Neon Rose, You're welcome!! It's worth trying! You can use it a concealer if you find it too heavy for you :)

    @Daphne, Thank you so much!!! Thanks for following! :)

    @Aringkingking, Foundation brush or sponge :)

    @Voe, Thank you so much!! I followed your blog too! :)

    @Rae, Yes it is great for photoshoots! You're welcome! :)

  11. where in Manila can I find these, hunny?

  12. good coverage, but I'm a little lost when you said that you had to use a spatula and fiberglass palette to mix it...

  13. I was planning on buying this. I just wondered if it's drying on the skin.. or if it's too oily you know like the consistency of pearl cream? or chin chang su?

  14. I am a new follower. ^_^ Wow I love how you did her make up! She really transformed. Its not that she is not pretty but you made her even prettier! I showed this to my friend and she told me she knows you.. not personally though. She told me you are subscribed to her YouTube channel,too. I will go check out your YT channel when I get home. :) Please come and check out my blog (and channel) too... You are beautiful! :)

  15. I notice that you mentioned that you're what's the best fondie you can recommend for acidic people like me..coz im really having a hard time lookin for the perfect fondie.It already cost me a thousand bucks but none of them won my heart.