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This is a late post again due to the same reason: school. Around two weeks ago, I went to MOA with a friend to pick up some stuff for a ma...

This is a late post again due to the same reason: school.

Around two weeks ago, I went to MOA with a friend to pick up some stuff for a makeup gig. I also ordered some palettes from LuLu Makeup the same week. My gig was very successful and I want to thank my friend and co-makeup artist, Beny Reginaldo for helping me out! :) With that, I have already tested out these products and have reviewed them too but I'm going to save that for another post to give a more in depth review. Watch out for it. :) For now I'm just going to show you guys the products I got.  Aside from the Lulu Palettes, all of these are from Watson's.

 I ordered two palettes from Lulu Makeup. The other one was given to me. These palettes helped me big time :)
I currently have Lulu's Paris Lip Palette, Morocco Palette, and Miami Palette. More to come! :)
James Copper's Cream Foundation in 04 and 05. I bought two shades so I can mix and match them with different skin tones/colors. The quality and coverage is beyond amazing... I will definitely post a review about this.
E.l.f.'s Eyelid Primer and Liquid Eyeliner Collection. Sold for only Php249.75 per box! I was supposed to buy the individual ones but it costs 129.75 each. So I opted for the three's instead to save (You only "save" if the product is great, but if it's not good then it becomes expensive and a waste of money) So was it really a bargain or a waste of money? Wait for my review! :)
 I also bought 2 shades of blushes from Careline. These blushes are cheap yet awesome! :)

 Foundation Brush from E.l.f.. My mom lost my Elianto foundation brush so I had to buy another one.

and lastly, Ever Bilena Compact Powder Refill. It's just a very sheer powder, perfect for finishing and touch ups.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
<3 Janica

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  1. I love the fact that you use inexpensive make-ups. I am happily waiting for your E.L.F. reviews. I awarded you to be one of my top 10 (please check out my blog when you have time. I know you are too busy, it's about the top 10 favorite skincare/beauty products.) Thank you so much for following me babe~

  2. Jah thanks for mentioning me here sa blog mo :) super touch & happy for it :)till next freelance work :) mwuah! <3

  3. soooo looking forward to all the reviews you'll be posting..

  4. I'm looking forward as well to your ELF boxed sets reviews. The primer set really interests me. =) It's just that I wasn't too happy with the ELF Eye Combo (eyeliner pencil, eyeliner liquid pen, and mascara) which I bought. :(

  5. I will be waiting for the E.L.F. Eyelid Primer review. I hope that those three primers will turn to be good finds so I can get a set too. :)

  6. i love the elf primers.. I couldnt wait for your review on it. and i just wanna ask what shades are those careline blushes? i hope you could do a review on them also.=)

  7. Ooh, I gotta try the EB Compact as an alternative to VMV. >.< It's so freakin expensive! Thank you for posting this ♥

  8. Wah! I want!!!! Thanks for posting this! I heart looking at hauls!