Mini June Haul: Darkness, vnc, etc.

Hey everyone! I've been super busy at school, I forgot I had this haul. This haul is a month late now but I wanted to sh...

Hey everyone! I've been super busy at school, I forgot I had this haul. This haul is a month late now but I wanted to show you anyway since some of my purchases here are my personal favorites :) I just picked out a few items from my favorite store in ATC. The store doesn't exactly have a name because it's actually a stall. They sell korean cosmetics, accessories, false eyelashes etc. If you happen to live near Alabang you may want to check it out. It's the stall right across Daiso :)

You know that when I said "few" I really meant "few", right? :))

So the first thing I picked up were these Darkness False Eyelashes. These are my FAVORITE eyelashes! I wear this almost everyday at school. It's very natural looking. I'm gonna be posting a blog featuring my HG (Holy Grail) products and this one will definitely be in it :)

I super love love love love love love this!

I also got this Darkness Eyebrow Pencil in 03. Again, this will be featured in my HG post! This is the best eyebrow pencil I've tried so far. I've already finished around five of this and I'm thinking of getting back ups to make sure I don't run out :)) This only costs 70Php if I'm not mistaken. Very cheap yet very good quality.

03 is a dark brown shade
This is a notebook I got at National Bookstore. Perfect for "to-do" lists. Costs me Php119.75. A bit pricey for a small notebook. :)

I love the texture :)

I bought these awesome shades at BF Ruins. If you live in the south, you probably already know this place. It's a tiangge inside BF. It's one of the reasons why I love living in the south. Everything you need is near each other :) Anyway, this one ONLY cost me Php100. I'm not really a 'shades' person but I really needed one for driving cause my car's sun visor can't block the sun for me completely due to.. my height. I'm too small :/ I have to tilt my head just to avoid the sun! This was perfect :)

I also bought a pair of heels for school from vnc. Too bad wedges are not allowed in our school. I had to buy these even though I'm not used to wearing high heels. This was a good buy though. I got it on sale. From Php 2,900 to Php1,400! Steal right? :) They have limited stocks left. The bigger sizes were not available anymore. I guess I'm lucky to have the smallest shoe size ever. I'm a size 51/2-6. This shoe was their smallest size and was the last pair in this color!


she's a beauty :)

Killer heels! I still haven't gotten used to it :(
That's it for now! I hope you like it! Til next :)
<3 Janica

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  1. Now I miss the south~ I grew up there but had to move in Ortigas after college. I miss Ruins, Charbroiled, ATC, etc... I love how laid back and relaxed the ambience there. I can't wait for your HGs post.
    HUGS <3

  2. i love darkness falsies! I can only find them at some Korean supermarkets here.. Didn't know they have mascara too? Where in Manila can I find them, love? I'm visiting this Cmas =) Keep me on the loop.