Aigoo Shoppe Lenses: GEO Hurricane Brown + Quick FOTD

Hey ladies! Today I am going to make a review on the new lenses that I received from Aigoo Shoppe. It's the HC-104 GEO Hurricane ...

Hey ladies! Today I am going to make a review on the new lenses that I received from Aigoo Shoppe. It's the HC-104 GEO Hurricane in Brown! I am so excited because this is probably my most favorite among all the other lenses that I have :) I got these lenses about 2 weeks ago but I haven't gotten the chance to try it out until this morning when I went to school. So now, I am finally ready to give it a review :)

The package that was sent to me came in with a super cute piggy lens case! Soo cute it makes me want to bring it with me everyday. Haha. It included a rubberized tong for picking up lenses. I like the fact that it's pink and has a container that you can bring around with you or even tie it somewhere to make it a keychain. Lol.

So the GEO lenses that I got was the (HC-104) Hurricane Brown and this is how it looks like:

It has this slightly dark outer ring and a pretty brown shade that fades gradually. As you can see, it also has this really unique swirly pattern that goes from the outer ring. The pattern doesn't look too overwhelming, in fact you can't really see them when worn. I think the swirly pattern blended everything out, making the lenses look really natural when worn. I super love it. I think these are one of the most lovely lenses I have ever worn. Diameter is 14.0mm.

These are how the lenses look like when worn:

 Looks so natural right? The color blends effortlessly with my dark brown iris.
 Now for the verdict:

Color and Design:
The design is very unique and interesting plus the color blends really well with my iris. It's perfect.

I wore it to school for 5 hours straight. I experienced a bit of discomfort when my eyes started to dry out after a few hours, but it immediately went away after I dropped some lens lubricant on each eye.

14.0mm is the perfect diameter for my eyes. I don't think a bigger one would suit my eyes.


I absolutely love it. I recommend this to all especially to those who are in the search for natural looking circle lenses.

Here are some more photos of me wearing the Geo Hurricane Brown Lenses and a quick FOTD:

I kept everything simple since I was just heading out to school. I evened out my skin tone, did my brows as usual, contoured my face, winged my eye, highlighted my tearducts and added a bit of color to my lips. That's actually my everyday face routine. Haha. Nothing new except for my new lenses! I.L.O.V.E.I.T.

Products used:

Ellana Minerals Make it Last Primer
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude
Mary Kay Concealer in Beige 2
Revlon Translucent Finishing Powder
Etude House Look at My Brows Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil
Wet n Wild Eyebrow Cake
N.Y.C. Bronzer
Wet n Wild Blush in Mellow Wine
E.l.f. Primer
Lulu Makeup Morocco Palette
Elianto Single Eyeshadow in White
Hengfang Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Clear Nyx Round Lipgloss

I hope you guys like my FOTD featuring the Geo Hurricane lenses and I also hope the review I did was helpful :) If you are interested, you may purchase at Aigoo Shoppe! They sell different kinds of lenses and cosmetics online that are 100% authentic! I also have good news to share to everyone! Aigoo Shoppe is currently having a SALE called "Ber Month Sale"!
What's up??
  • Each on-hand lenses will be up for grabs for only Php350.00 each pair!
  • Free shipping if you get 4 pairs or more!
  • Upgrade to a cute pig lens case for only Php30.00!

Take advantage of the sale and get your pair now! I highly recommend GEO's Hurricane Lenses! :) Visit Aigoo Shoppe's Facebook or Multiply if you have any inquiries :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!! How about you, what are your current favorites? Please share it. I'd love to know!! :) -dianejanica

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  1. You look so gorgeous as usual! I have the Angel Gray lenses in the same case from Val! <3 Love you Ja! Your blog is awesome.

  2. Yay, I've tried Geo Angel Gray and Brown. Mas gusto ko yung angel gray. I want to try nudy! Bagay na bagay sayo Janica.

  3. You look absolutely stunning Janica! <3 Thank you for going in depth in reviewing the lenses and sharing bout our sale ^_^

  4. you look like a cosplayer na with those eyes! costume nlng kulang!

  5. Love the lens case! So cute ^.^ The lenses look great & are very vibrant on your eyes :O Very natural as well ^___^ they look great! thanks for the review

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hi looks great on you! hope you can do an eyebrow tutorial :)