My Healed Tattoo and Belly Rings from All Buttoned Up

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to share my recent purchase from All Buttoned Up. Although I purchased 1 makeup from the sho...

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to share my recent purchase from All Buttoned Up. Although I purchased 1 makeup from the shop, this post is not makeup related. This post is going to focus on the Belly Rings that I got from them. As you guys know, I love tattoos, so I guess it's no longer a surprise for you to know that I also have body piercings. I only have a few: 2 on my left ear, 1 on my right ear and another one on my navel. I really like navel piercings.. Even before I started having tattoos, I really liked seeing belly piercings and thought about having one as early as 14... I finally did after 3 years... right after highschool! Haha. I never had regrets :)

I found out about All Buttoned Up through Janah of maricarljanah. She raved about how awesome and affordable their feathered earrings were.. true indeed! And not only do they sell feathered earrings, they also sell other accessories and stuff like Nyx products that are really affordable as well. I was surprised to see that they alsoo sell belly rings! It was very timely because 2 days before that, I actually lost my mine and needed to get another one asap.

Almost all the belly rings they sell do not exceed Php100. They usually cost Php80-100. I got 3 belly rings and Bianca (the owner) was kind enough to give me discounts and freebies! The silver one with the clear crystal was a freebie from her :) 

She also sent me feathered earrings as a freebie! I will be posting a separate blog post on that.

I want to show you how the belly rings look like when worn. This blog post is actually really late because I waited for the perfect time to shoot these babies. These photos were taken at my lola's resort in Tagaytay when we went there for her despedida party. This was the perfect timing. 

This is the first belly ring that really caught my eye. It's a simple white plastic ball. I really like how simple and unique it looks. This is my boyfriend's favorite among all the belly rings that I got.

This is how it looks like when worn:

So pretty right??

The second is a silver one with red studs. I absolutely love the color!

How it looks like when worn:
I forgot to tighten this so it looks a little loose.

This is probably my favorite! It's black and has this intricate rose design. I love it!! Matches my tattoo :)

How it looks like when worn:

This was the freebie Bianca sent me. This actually looks the same as the one I lost! It came back! Lucky me! Lol! Thank you, Bianca! I really like it! :)

I love them all! If I can just wear them all at the same time! Haha! :) 

If you are interested you can visit All Buttoned Up's Facebook page here. I'm pretty sure you'll find something that will fancy you! From accessories to dresses, to even makeup! Enjoy ladies! I hope you like this post! Thanks for dropping by! :) 

Comment what you think! Do you also have piercings? Please share! I would love to know :)

Thank you! -dianejanica

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  1. All of them looks really great on you! but I'm too scared of getting one, specifically on the naval.I am more into tattoo though! I've got 3 and looking forward for many more to come! :)


    driza ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Driza! Thank you!! You shouldn't be scared! It's not painful at all. It'll be over before you know it :) The hard part is the healing process but it's definitely worth it once it healed :) You got 3 tattoos?? Wowww I have to see that!! Show me! :) Thanks for dropping bye, Driza! :)

  3. I had never ever changed my belly ring before. I only had one, and it's been around 3 years already. =)

  4. It looks cool but anyways does it feel hurtful?

  5. Belly button ring and tattoo are great combination.Thanks for the imaginative way in styling.

  6. lovely tattoos you have there.. I like looking at the diamond belly ring..hehe

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love navel piercings! I have 2 of them: top one I got as soon as I turned 16 and the bottom one when I turned 17! (8 years ago! haha) I still love them up til this day and it's such a motivation to keep a flat stomach I must say! ;P

  9. I looooove ur tattoos and ur navel piercing! i myself is also into tats and piercings. i previously had 10 piercing but am now just maintaining 5 haha. i also have 4 tattoos :) may i know what's written on ur ribcage?

  10. Nice post:) lovely blog u have, do visit mine too

  11. Hi! Nice belly rings! I just want to ask, ilang months bago nagheal? Kasi i want to get mine done soon;)